Silk Legacy

Richard Brawer [ $15.00 ]

In early twentieth century Paterson, New Jersey, dashing twenty-nine year old silk industrialist, Abraham Bressler, charms naive nineteen year old Sarah Singer into marriage by making her believe he feels the same way she does about the new calling of a modern woman. He then turns around and gives her little more respect than he would a servant, demanding she stay at home to care for "his" house and "his" children.

Feeling betrayed Sarah defies him and joins the woman suffrage movement. Infuriated, Abe demands she quit. Overtly she abides by his wishes but clandestinely continues to work with the suffragettes, treacherously treading between the demands of her husband and her desire to be an independent woman.

At the same time Abe is trying to control Sarah, he has to contend with his brother, Solomon, a radical unionist leader allied with the Socialist Industrial Workers of the World union. When the union calls a massive strike shutting down Paterson's 300 silk mills, Abe finds himself branded a unionist spy and is completely shut off from his former associates for whom his business depends on for survival. To add to his distress, Sarah openly sides with the laborers, giving them food from her pantry. Infuriated with her defiance, Abe seeks solace in the arms of his mistress.

Battling the strikers, Paterson's industrialists and his wife, Abe desperately fights to save his family and his business. Jealousy, infidelity, arrogance, greed - the characters' titanic struggles will catapult you into the heights of their euphoria and the depths of their despair. Who will triumph and who will be humbled is not certain until the last page. 9"x6" 317p.

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