Old World Daughter, New World Mother (signed)

Maria Laurino [ $23.95 ]

In the second-generation immigrant home where Maria Laurino grew up, "independent" was a dirty word and "sacrifice" was he ideal and reality of motherhood. "Marrone!" Laurino's mother would lament, "you are getting very independent." But out in that world, Mary Tyler Moore was throwing he hat in the air, personifying the excitement and opportunities of the freedom-loving American career woman. How, then, to reconcile one's inner Livia Soprano - the overbearing ethnic mother - with a feminist icon?

Combing lived experience with research and reporting on our contemporary work-family dilemmas, the best-selling author of Were You Always Italian? sets forth a family-friendly feminism that combines an unusual and affirming blend of contemporary and traditional values. At a time when the issues of working women and family are hotly debated on the national stage, Laurino's book offers a unique take on the "mommy wars." No other book gas attempted to discuss feminism through the prism of ethnic identity or to merge the personal and the analytical with such a passionate and intelligent literary voice. Prizing both individual freedom and an Old World in which the dependent young an old are cherished, Laurino makes clear how much the New World offers and how much it has yet to learn. 8.5"x 5.75" 223p

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