An All American Girl's Family Album

[ $7.95 ]

A book for writing the memories of your grandmothers, mother and you! (Pleasant Company, WI)

The Bobbin Girl Emily Arnold McCully

[ $16.95 ]

Dial Books NY. A stirring tale based on the memoirs of a 1830's mill girl from the Lowell Massachusettes mills.

Caty: Jill of All Trades Catherine Guirreri and Connie McIntyre

[ $5.00 ]

A story of an Italian-American school teacher of Sussex County, NJ.


[ $5.00 ]

A monthly magazine, for young readers, featuring labor-related articles.

A Family of Workers in New Jersey Angelica Santomauro

[ $5.00 ]

Compiled by Angelica Santomauro. 2nd ed. Feltz Printing Service, Jersey City. A compilation of profiles of working people in New Jersey made by schoolchildren as part of a family history lesson.

Finding a Job for Daddy Evelyn Hughes Maslac

[ $13.95 ]

By Evelyn Hughes Maslac, Kay Life. Albert Whitman & Co. Morton Grove, IL. 1996. A moving story about a young girl who helps her father look for a new job while reminding him that being her daddy is a job he'll always have.

Fire At The Triangle Factory Holly Littlefield

[ $6.95 ]

Carolrhoda Books, Inc., Minneapolis. 1996. A story of two 14 year old girlfriends- one Jewish, the other Catholic- who are trapped inside the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory when it went in flames on March 25, 1911.

The First Thousand Words

[ $12.95 ]

Series.Usborne Publishing Ltd, London. Fully illustrated books introducing foreign languages to children. Available for Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Russin, and Italian.

Getting to Know your Postal Carrier

[ $2.00 ]

A coloring book explaining how the postal system operates.

Kid Power: Changing Public Policy- Cobblestone

[ $5.00 ]

The history magazine for young people. December 1993.

Lyddie Kathrine Paterson

[ $5.99 ]

Puffin Books. 1991. Impovrished Vermont farm girl Lyddie Worthen is determined to gain her independence by becoming a factory worker in Lowell, Massachusetts, in the 1840s. Paperback

Out of the Ordinary Michelle M. Barone

[ $6.99 ]

The story of Julie, a girl who grows up in the early 20th century near the coal mines of Ludlow, Colorado when workplace difficulties arise for the miners.

Peoples of the World Roma Trundle

[ $6.95 ]

(Usborne Publishing  Ltd. London, England) A children's book introducing the customs, houses, beliefs and products of peoples of the world.

Promising the Moon Salvatore Amico M. Buttaci

[ $9.95 ]

(1998) A collection of original poetry by former editor of New Workds Unlimited and POETIDINGS and current Children's Editor of POETRY MAGAZINE on the internet. Softcover (signed by the author).

Silent Dancing: A Partial Remembrance of a Puerto Rican Childhood Judith Ortiz Cofer

[ 1990 ] [ $12.95 ]

Silent Dancing is a personal narrative made up of Judith Ortiz Cofer's recollections of the bilingual-bicultural childhood which forged her personality as a writer and artist. The daughter of a Navy man, Ortiz Cofer was born in Puerto Rico and...

We Came To North America

[ $8.95 ]

Series: The Japanese, The Chinese, The French, The Hispanics, The Irish. Crabtree Publishing Co. Immigrant study books with colorful illustrations. Paperback

Why Are People Different? Susan Merdith

[ $4.95 ]

A book for young readers answering the title question.

Labor Day Robin Nelson

[ 2010 ] [ $15.00 ]

Lerner Publications Company, Minneapolis. Picture book explaining the meaning and origin of Labor Day.  Part of the American Holidays series. 23 pages.

Annie Shapiro and the Clothing Workers' Strike Marlene Targ Brill

[ 2011 ] [ $9.95 ]

Life wasn't easy for Annie Shapiro and the other clothing workers in Chicago in 1910. Bosses could be mean and the hours were long. When the workers' pay was cut, Annie had to take a stand. At first no one took seventeen-year-old Annie seriously...

The New Deal: Hope for the Nation Cheryl Edwards

[ 1995 ] [ $6.95 ]

When Franklin D. Roosevelt became President in March of 1933, the nation was near the depths of the Great depression and highly demoralized. Under this leadership the "New Deal" quickly began to take shape. It constituted a series of programs which,...

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