Finding the Mother Lode: Italian Immigrants in California

[ $25.00 ]

DVD, documentary by Gianfranco Norelli and Suma Kurien (2013 Eurus Productions, Inc.)

Pane Amaro (Bitter Bread): The Italian American Journey from Despised Immigrants to Honored Citizens

[ $25.00 ]

DVD, documentary directed and produced by Gianfranco Norelli & Co-produced by Suma Kurien (2009, Eurus Productions, Inc.)

A Little Too Much Sunshine Ray Korona Band

[ $10.00 ]

Compact Disc 1. “Fragile Planet” 2. “A Little too Much Sunshine” 3. “Water – The Song” 4. “Displaced” 5. “Sing Like Pete” 6. “Play the Rock...

The People are in Charge! Ray Korona Band

[ $10.00 ]

Compact Disc 1. “Teratorn” 2. “The People are in Charge!” 3. Gay Free Boy Scouts” 4. “Just Words” 5. “Globalization Blues” 6. “We’re Marching to Let Them...

The Safe Thing to Do Ray Korona Band

[ $10.00 ]

Compact Disc 1. “Toys for Peace” 2. “Listen to the Earth” 3. “Trimming the Far Right Off the Budget” 4.“Tommy – the Computer Kid” 5. “Meant to...

$5 Working People’s Music Tape Ray Korona Band

[ $10.00 ]

Compact Disc 1. “Workfare Life” 2. “We Will Have Dignity” 3. “(If there’s sexual harassment, I’m) Calling the Law” 4. “Send Me an Ambulance” 5. “Office...

Tales of a New American Revival Volumes I and II Chris Chandler American Storyteller

[ $20.00 ]

Compact Disc Volume I 1. “Lighting Bugs and Barflies” 2. “I Dreamed I saw St. Augustine (Florida)” 3. “Infinity” 4. “Cracker Jack Cure/The Dutchman” 5. “Hard Times...

The Great Choral Convergence Live Six Labor Choruses

[ 2006 ] [ $15.00 ]

Compact Disc 1. “Welcome union Members” 2. “There Is Power In A Union” 3. “Askikatali (Freedom)” 4. “Workers Sing Your Union Anthem” 5. “Bread and...

Miles to Go Before We Sleep George Mann & Julius Margolin

[ $15.00 ]

Compact Disc 1. “Somebody Robbed the Pension Plan”2. “A Pedestrian’s Lament”3. “When You’re Ready (‘Ill Be Waiting) 4. “Don’t Let Age Get You Down”5. “Peter...

Until You Come Home: Sons for Veterans and their Kin George Mann, Julius Margolin & Friends

[ $15.00 ]

Compact Disc  1. “Streams of Gold”  2. “The rift”  3. “Writing in the Margins”  4. “Michael”  5. “War Resister”  6. “When Johnny Came Marching...

Sing A Song (& Book) Tom Juravich

[ $13.00 ]

Cassette and book Side A 1. "Peg and Awl" 2. "Blind Fiddler" 3. "Avondale Mine Disaster" 4. "Factory Girl" 5. "Babies in the Mill" 6. "Breaker Boy" Side B 7. "A Miner’s Tale" 8. "We Shall...

Sing A Song Tom Juravich

[ $10.00 ]

Cassette Side A 1. "Peg and Awl" 2. "Blind Fiddler" 3. "Avondale Mine Disaster" 4. "Factory Girl" 5. "Babies in the Mill" 6. "Breaker Boy" Side B 7. "A Miner’s Tale" 8. "We Shall...

Old Folks Ain't All The Same Joe Glazer and Friends

[ $10.00 ]


Two Good Arms Charlie King

[ $10.00 ]

Cassette Side A 1. “New York Central Line” 2. “Close to the Fire” 3. “US $teal” 4. “My Old Man” 5. “Look Into the Camera and Lie” 6. “Ballad of...

Smokestacks & Steeples: A Portrait of Paterson

[ $20.00 ]

A portrait of Paterson by Prof. Vincent Parrillo, William Paterson University (DVD), 28 min., 2008.

A Union Man: The Life and Work of Julius Margolin

[ $15.00 ]

DVD Julius Margolin, at 89 years old is a living legend in the New York City labor movement. He’s been active since the 1930s in the CIO, National Maritime Union and Local 52 of the International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage...

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