Lockout In America

[ $10.00 ]

Poster of a painting by Micheal Conner. The painting is entilted, "Boildermakers Local 484, Meredosia, Illinois, Members, Friends, and Supporters WorldWide. 24in"x18in

Diner Photograph Gideon Steele

[ $120.00 ]

Framed , signed color photograph. Clock face reads, "Designed & Built by Paramount Diners Inc. Haledon, N.J." 17"x14.75"

Dedicated Organizer of Labor A. Philip Randolph

[ $10.00 ]

Poster features a portrait of A. Philip Randolph. 23"x17.5"

Botto House

[ $12.00 ]

Museum poster featuring the plans for the Botto House's front facade. 21"x16"

Get Your Own Home

[ $10.00 ]

The poster features an advertisement which marketed land plots in Haledon to Paterson workers. 19.25”x13” 

Images of Labor

[ $40.00 ]

Set of 10 posters featuring George Baer, Roberto Acuna, A. Philip Randolph, Carl Sandburg, Eugene Debs, Lucy Parsons, Mark Twain, Nicola Sacco, Sojourner Truth and Sit-Down Striker, plus guide book.  24”x18” 

I.W.W The Pageant of the Paterson Silk Strike

[ $15.00 ]

The poster for the 1913 performance “The Pageant of the Paterson Strike”, which was organized to help support the striking workers and their families.  22”x16.75" 

Painting Labor Michael Conner

[ 2005 ] [ $10.00 ]

Poster for the 2005 exhibit at the Cornell University Conference Center in New York City, features a painting of striking transit workers. 24”x18” 

Rosie the Riveter

[ $14.00 ]

Iconic World War II poster 21.5”x17.5” 

FAT XI Congreso Nacional Mike Alewitz

[ 1997 ] [ $30.00 ]

(Mexico, 1997); Signed  Poster featuring Mike Alewitz’s 1997 mural “Sindicalismo sin Fronteras/Trade Unionism Without Frontiers”  11”x17” 

Teamster Power Mike Alewitz

[ $30.00 ]

(Chicago, 1997); Signed  Poster featuring Mike Alewitz’s 1998 mural “Teamster Power” signed in 1998.  13.5”x48” 

Family Supper Ralph Fasanella

[ $35.00 ]

(1972) Portrayal of a "typical" family of immigrants that came to America around 1910 seated at the table in their flat.  31.5”x21” 

The City Ralph Fasanella

[ $35.00 ]

(1979) New York City-scape. 12”x25” 

South Bronx-Rebirth Ralph Fasanella

[ $35.00 ]

(1995) - Celebrates the redevelopment of "the community" in the South Bronx.   19.25”x25” 

The Daily News Strike Ralph Fasanella

[ $35.00 ]

(1993) Scene depicting the 1990 strike in New York City. Measures 25in"x19in

The Great Strike: Lawrence 1912 Ralph Fasanella

[ $35.00 ]

(1978) Portrays the textile strike of 1912 in which thousands of people from numerous ethnic backgrounds came together.  Scene of the strikers picketing Lawrence, Massachusetts.  $30.00  20"x28" 

Protectory Games Ralph Fasanella

[ $35.00 ]

(1962) Boys playing on a baseball diamond. Measures 22in"x28in

Landscape Julie Leon Anderson

[ $100.00 ]

Lithograph by Julie Leon Anderson (16" X 20", 1996 ) $100.00 - negotiable

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