Hands-on, after-school and Saturday Museum tours are offered to Brownie, Junior & Girl Scout Troops and Boy Scout troops. 

For the girls, on-site learning activities are tailored to compliment your history-related award project needs. 

For the boys, the Museum offers opportunities for the completion of Eagle Scout projects.  

The American Labor Museum/Botto House National Landmark provides learning opportunities for scouts:

  • Eagle Scout Projects
  • Junior, Brownie, Cadette and Senior Girl Scout Projects
  • After-School and Saturday Tours of the Museum (select a topic of focus for the tour):
    • Child Labor
    • Labor History
    • Industrial Paterson, New Jersey
    • Immigrant Workers' Domestic Life, circa 1913
    • Workplace Safety
    • Current Labor Issues
    • Paterson Silk Strike of 1913

To reserve a tour date, discuss scout projects and for additional information, please call the museum at (973) 595-7953 or contact us using our contact form.